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The Sorceress Grove is an independent web page that has existed over the last three years and has continued to provide links and resources to other pagans. We have continued to provide a quarterly news letter that provides articles written by pagans for pagans.

We offer all the resources on this site 100% free and continue to add several subscribers to our ever growing members list. We are currently practicing pagans who follow a more eclectic view of paganism than most traditional covens.

Most of our rituals are oriented around the druid, Norse culture and are more focused on rituals specified to these deities.

Our two practitioners have been practicing paganism for five years and have had training in astral projection, psychic awareness, candle magic, taro readings, mythology and philosophy.

As great believers in the powers of the deities we have a great love for magic believing it is the life force of the planet.

We have abandoned the idea of having a formal coven since our current location has not been set up for large groups. We now offer a small informal pagan environment where we meet with prospective pagans who have an interest in joining us in ritual celebrations.

We welcome all to use this web site as much as they wish. If you have any questions please email us and we will attempt to help you as much as possible.

Please do not email us spell requests for the simple reason that it is not the answer you are looking for so think carefully about alternate solutions. But, all other requests and questions are welcome.

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