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About Us

Merry Meet. I am The Sorceress Fire Dragon. I wanted to tell you a bit about me and my High Priest Modeus so that you could understand a bit about our history and why this web site is here.

For most of my life I have searched to find some meaning of why we are here. I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness and for the better part of my existence on this planet lived in total darkness. I found no answers in the bible and no solace in an non-faced, unrealistic deity. I felt empty.

When I was sixteen I was disfellowshiped (ex-communicated) and I was left on my own, alienated from my family. I started college and was determined to find a way to start a new life.

In my second year I meet a man that would change my life. Modeus was raised for most of his life as a pagan. He showed me the flaws in my "Christian" logic and allowed my eyes to be open to a world of different thoughts.

Once my mind was open I began to see the world as if I had never seen it before. I could feel life coursing through everything. I began the dangerous journey into the pagan arts and discovered that I was quite gifted.

I found a group that I liked and for some time was a member of The Wiccan Church of Canada. That is to say that I went to rituals there and some classes. I found this to be lacking in answers and did not like the fact that I was told what to do.

I found solace in being a solitary eclectic pagan and went off on my own path. I realized that covens are not for everyone and it takes a certain person to fit in one. 

I started this web site and with Modeus by my side I have been successful at completing it. We are an odd pair but both of us have an un canny ability to perform magic and work well together in this venture.

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