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Dedicated Pagan Sites:

Celtic Home Page        Pagan Pages From Out Of The Cauldron        The Babbling Brook

The Enchanted Blue Moon     The Pagan Web    The Ring of Troth     Farrar Home Page 

Wicca Net    Witches-Unlimited     Lady Maxi Pagan Reference Site    What is Wicca

The Wiccan Church of Canada - Links    WITCHCRAFT some answers for the curious

Jibrilīs House    Religion and Faith Basic Information - Asatru or Norse Paganism



 The Book     Deities    Goddesses and Gods    Olympian Gods    Lady Bridget's Wiccan Ways

The Pre Ragnarok Viking Gods.     Nordic Gods    The Great God Pan    The Temple of Diana 

Scandinavian Mythology    Sacred Woods and the Lore of Trees    Yule Origins, Lore, Legends, and Customs

Norse Mythology 

Ritual Resources:

Yule    Rituals & Spells    Spell Craft Menu    ADF Neopagan Druidism - Simple Meal Rite

Basic Spell Creation    Ritual    Goddess Connectors    Yule Ritual


Other Resources:

The Holidays     The Pagan and Wiccan Information Center    The Viking Home Page Viking Dictionary

Top 13 Reasons to be a Pagan     Welcome to The Pagan Library    SUPER PAGAN LINKS

Witch Tower    Guest Feature A Pagan Creation Myth - Pagan-Wiccan Religion - 02-21-99

Moon Phases    Moon    Ex-JW Pagans Web Resource


Christmas and Its Origins:

Christmas Tree Pagan Origns    Christmas its Christian and Pagan origins; myths and reality    

Christmas' pagan origins    Pagan Claus the real history of Christmas customs    

The Pagan Origins of Common Christmas Traditions    Christmas-Yule in Iceland


Pagan Arts-Crafts-Recipes: (Retail&Free)

The Purple Pentacle    Incense Recipes    Recipes for a Merry Yuletide    Sabbat Cakes

Victorian Rituals Body & Bath Recipes    Ritual Bath