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These courses are offered to all visitors. Each course includes a course outline and materials as well as a certificate of completion. 

Great for the starting pagan or for more advanced witches.

Course 1

Paganism 101

Explore the roots of the pagan religion, learn the basics through this basic course. 

Length: 2 weeks    

Cost: Non Members $50.00 Can    Members: $20.oo Can


Course 2

Paganism 201

Delve into the pagan arts on a more deeper level, begin to learn about the art of shamanism and magic. This course will go into Alchemy and sorcery.

Length: 3 weeks

Cost:    Non Members: $60.00 Can    Members: $30.00 Can


Course 3

Psychic Training

Develop skills for meditation and psychic awareness, learn the ethics of psychic knowledge and beyond. It will also touch on crystals and oils.

Length: 4 weeks

Cost:    Non Members: $80.o0 Can    Members: $50.00 Can


To enroll follow the link below. You will receive an confirmation email to verify the information provided. Payment is due upon receipt of your course outline.

We accept the following forms of payment:

Certified Check    International Money Order  


Please Read Our  Site Regulations Before Enrolling.

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