The Sorceress Grove

Our Coven

One of our many thoughts when developing this site was to begin offering a meeting place for pagans of the Cambridge, Kitchner/Waterloo area

As there are no temples out this way we felt that there was a growing need to develop a more rural coven.

To call it a coven is somewhat inaccurate but we more or less want to find other pagans to join us in ritual celebrations. 

The Coven Of Fire and Stone was born. We are always looking for more participants to join us in a variety of rituals. The covens focus is to bring a more varying view of paganism to the world by opening the forum for various ritual types to be preformed.

Although we strive to pursue the more Druidic fashion of rituals we have dabbled in other types and are open to trying new things.

All are welcome. To find out when we meet and directions please send us an email and we will contact you with the details.

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