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Site Regulations


All graphics, text, images etc are free to download on one condition. That you display the following graphic with the link in tact on your personal web page. If you do not have a web site than you must email us at the to get permission.

To download this image. Right click and select Save Picture As. The link back is Please paste the link back on to the graphic when placing it on your site.




a) Your web site must not contain any pornography, violence    or content that may be considered offensive to our visitors.

b) We have the right to Vito any web site submitted and to cancel memberships at any time if you fail to comply to our standards.

c) A link to our web site must be displayed on your web page.

d) You must contain at least one if not more free services on your web site.

e) It must be pagan friendly.

f) It must not relate in anyway to pyramid or money making schemes.

g) It is your responsibility to maintain your own links and information. If your site changes in any way we expect to be informed. We make routine inspections of sites so please inform us of any changes.


3. Online Courses

a) You are expected to ensure that the information you submit is 100% accurate otherwise we cannot be held responsible for errors in shipping.

b) Serious orders only. We do not have time to run around tracking our orders. Please enroll only if you are seriously interested in taking the course.

c) Payment is due before your course materials will be issued, regardless if your information package has arrived or not. Once you have confirmed our email you are confirming your order and payment must be sent within 10 business days otherwise your order will be canceled.


4. News Letter Subscribers

a) News letters are sent out automatically. If you do not wish to subscribe please notify us of your cancellation and you will be removed within 24 hours.

b) Please ensure that your email address is correct. We have had several problems with this so we cannot stress it anymore than we already have to verify what you are sending before you send it.

c) If you do not hear from us with in 3 business days please send us an email to confirm we received your enrollment correctly.

5. Support/Advice

a) Please phrase all questions as accuratly as you can. Do not ask for spells, potions or other such things as we will not respond.

b) If our answer is puzzling you please send us a message indicating that you do not understand.

c) You are welcome to send us as many questions as you like as long as you submit them one at a time and don't overload our email.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Please remember when reading the above that it took a lot of time, energy and creative effort to create this site so please respect it.

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