Coven of The Eternal Flame.



We have decided to now offer an interactive coven for our visitors to meet with us in person. 

This coven will be accessible to anyone in the  Mississauga or surrounding area.  

We are looking for participants to engage  in private and public circles and rituals. We will be focusing on eclectic Wicca with a broad range of ritual styles and circles.  

Circles will be open to all every week on a day (to be arranged).

The meeting place will be decided later depending on the amount of people interested in joining us.

Membership is extended to all interested but each member will be met by the coven officiates. 

Please send us an email if you are interested in joining. All are welcome.   

We plan on creating an environment where all the various Gods will be celebrated with a focus on the Norse and Celtic culture.

Ritual styles will be determined later. We wish to welcome all who are interested and hope that many of you will come out and visit with us.