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This site is dedicated to the arts and education of Wicca. We are no longer affiliated with or are members of The Wiccan Church of Canada.

To find out more about this organization you may contact them directly at the following link:

For those of you are new to this site it is designed as a resource center for those trying to find information on Rituals, Spells, The Religion of Wicca and other such information.

We also publish a free monthly news letter that anyone can subscribe to that will give you interesting facts, information and articles from other pagans around the world.

We have strived very hard to make this site a site worth visiting so please take the time to leave comments and suggestions in our Guest Book. We would love to know what you think of this site and how it can be improved in the very near future.

It also contains information on the Site Owner and the reason for this site if you are interested in knowing who Fire Dragons is you are welcome to visit this page.

Currently, Fire Dragon is attending a private vocational school and may take longer than usually to publish news letters and update this site. Please be patient with us until September.


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