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Product Information and Order Codes

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1. Variety Pack:    50 Cards In Total    Cost: $15.00    ORDER CODE:    VP

5 Blanks, 5 Dedication Cards, 5 Birthday Cards, 5 Yule Cards, 5 Hand Fasting, 5 House Blessing, 5 New Baby, 5 Welcome To The Path, 5 Beltane, 5 Pagan New Year.

2. Holiday Pack:    80 Cards In Total    Cost: $20.00    ORDER CODE:    HP

Be covered for every season. Includes 10 of Each Sabbat!!

Item By Item

Item Description Quantity Order # Cost
Blank Cards Decorative Front Only Min: 10  Max: 25 BC-FO Depends on quantity
Sabbat Cards Imbolic, Ostara, Beltaine, Litha, Lughnasadh, Maybon, Samhain, Yule Min: 3    Max: 30 SEE ORDER FORM Range: $2.00-25.00
Solstices, Equinox Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn Min:3     Max:50 SEE ORDER FORM Range: $2.00-25.00
Hand Fastings Decorative Front and Interior Min:1     Max:50 HF-DFI Range: $3.00-40
Dedication Cards Decorative Front and Interior Min: 3    No Max DC-FI Price: $5.00
House Blessing Decorative Front and Interior with Blessing Spell Min:3     Max: 50 HB-FIBS Range: $2.00-40
New Baby Decorative Front with Blessing Min:1     Max: 10 NB-FIBS Range: $3.00-10


Hand Fasting Invitations Set Of Invitations for a Hand Fasting. A Brochure will be sent with various styles. Min:15   Max:500 HFI-BR Quoted upon style choice

To Personalize any card just add an extra $2.00 to your order. Personalization can include a personal message, poem or anything you wish to add.

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Bottle Of Incense Oil


Hand Made Mask $5.00
Book Of Pagan Poetry $8.00
Book Of Herbs and There Uses $10.00

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