Ever tire of boring cards that do not reflect the true nature of the Pagan Holiday. Well, there is a solution! Order one of our custom cards or sets of cards and you will be prepared for all the events and holidays that there are.

We make blank cards for you to fill, customized greeting cards, Sabbat cards and other holiday cards. Download our order form today and send it back to us by Email, Fax or Mail and we will send your order as soon as we receive your payment.

How Do I Pay?

Payments can be made by: International Money Orders or Cheques.

Unfortunally at this time we cannot accept credit cards (but we feel that this method is safer). All you do is fill out our Order Form and we will send you a Confirmation Card that you return with your payment. As soon as your payment is recieved your cards are on there way to you or the reciepent.

An email will be sent to acknowledge your payment and we will give you a confirmation number that you can check at any time by email or by phone. Our staff is available 24 hours a day excluding weekends to answer any questions that you have.

Who Do I Contact Questions/Problems?

Most problems and questions can be solved by emailing us at any time. If for some reason you need to make a last minute change or need to cancel your order you may call our Hotline Number. This number is long distance to anyone outside of Canada.

It will be sent to you with the order form.

(For personal reasons we are not listing our number on this page. If you wish to speak to us in person please send a request be Email and we will send you our number.)

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