The Third Eye- Psychic Training and Awareness Center

Presented by: The Sorceress Grove On Line Community

Ever wanted to learn how to develop your psychic ability? 

Ever wonder what the ethical restrictions are for psychics? 

How to do psychic readings?

Well this course can help. Through are convent at home learning program you can learn at your own pace and develop or tune your psychic abilities to become more capable as a psychic. This course has been offered in Canada for over $200.00. We are now offering it to members and non members alike for a one time fee of $25.00 CAN. 

This includes: free delivery of the course outline, lessons and a beautiful Certificate of Completion. 

You can complete the course at any time and if you are not totally satisfied you can return the course at no charge to you. This course is worth trying. 

This course covers the following areas:

A:    Psychic Development:    Basic Guidelines

B:    The Psychic Reception Area:    

        Remote Viewing, Living with Energy, Telepathy.

C:    Retro cognition Viewing the Past

        Time, How To View The Past, Precognition, Viewing the Future,


D:     Extrasensory Etiquette

This course also includes:

A Glossary of Metaphysical and New Age Terms

Vibration Properties of Crystals and Gemstones

Metaphysical Color Definitions

The Importance of Focusing, Relaxation and Visualization and Meditation.


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To Enroll In This Course:

Complete the online application form and send it back to us via email. A confirmation card will be sent to you via Canada Post. Fill out the card and mail it back to us with payment and your course will be sent within 2-4 weeks of payment.

Please note that it may take longer depending on your location, postal strikes or any other external interference with the postal system.

Checks and International Money Orders are accepted. Please Do Not Send Cash.

            Application Form    (zip file)

    Make sure that all the information is completed before you email it back to us. 

The reply email address is: