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Our view of paganism is that it is a free religion meaning that any and all people can discover its meanings, paths and gods.

It is not limited in any way except for the three fold law that remains at the heart of the laws of magic. This law states that you may do as you will as long as you harm none.

The meaning of this is that you do not use your gifts to harm anyone including yourself as well as maintain control of your thoughts and wishes and not call harm upon another.

This is sometimes a lot harder than it seems for sometimes as a pagan you may be ridiculed about your believes and this is very hard to ignore. But as all of us know we are in our hearts true to the gods and it does not matter what anyone says about this faith if it is what you believe than you will accept that they just don't understand the path that you are on.

We have come to accept many various religions into our fold and have researched many before coming onto this path. The one believe that we have is that you cannot have blind faith. You must understand why you believe what you believe.

If you cannot explain why it is you have faith in the pagan gods than what good is it to say you do. The gods on a whole regardless of which you may follow, we believe they have a great deal of patients and understanding for humans.

We believe that there is room in your life for other things than pagan rituals and that just because you may not be able to attend a big ritual does not mean you love or care for the gods any less.

We believe that just a mere thought can reach them and sometimes in quite reflection we can show them that we do honor the old ways.

Our belief is that being pagan is not any easy choice and that once on this path there will be an unending amount of learning, growing and changing. Everything you know or think you know will change.

If you are ready for that change and are willing to open your mind to other teachings than this path but waits for you to walk on.


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