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Due to personal time constraints of our priesthood we have dissolved our coven and have instead decided to open a place for fellow pagans to meet other pagans in the area. The idea is to form our own place to have discussions and forms open for any interested pagans in Cambridge.

We may if interest is shown perform rituals but we would like to make this a more social environment for other pagans to just hang out, talk and socialize with others.

We hope to maybe also generate interest from those in the SCA and other organizations who seem somehow weirdly linked to pagans to come out and join us as well.

This forum will be set up shortly and you are welcome to leave messages as you wish. There will also be a live chat on MSN.

You can also meet us in person. Just email us and let us know when your free. You must be able to commute to Cambridge, Ontario. We will set up meetings in a public place to find out if the interest is mutual and if so then come on over.

We hope that this would be something of interest please email us with suggestions as well.

Look forward to seeing/hearing from you. Blessed Be.

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