All images and graphics were taken from sites that offered free graphic downloads. If for some reason any visitor to this site discovers a copyrighted image please inform us immediately at our email address and it will be removed in 24 hours of notification.

We have made every effort to contact the owners of the web sites that these graphics were taken from due to the lack of response we have no way of confirming the source of these graphics.

Many of them were taken from Goggle and as well as notifying this site we suggest that you contact them as well to remove the image.

We also take no responsibly for articles published on this site. All articles are subject to personal interpretation and freedom of speech and cannot be seen as the views of this web site. All visitors to this site may leave editorial comments in response to the articles presented but we will in no way change, alter, delete or edit content unless it is deemed irresponsible, pornographic or hateful toward races, ethnic backgrounds or religion. Many of the articles are written by coven and non coven pagans alike who are entitled to share their impressions about the respective "orders" to which they may be affiliated with.

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