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Our view of the wiccan path and paganism is this. We believe that there is a life force or energy that courses through all things living and dead and that this energy can be felt and channeled. 

When channeled it can be used to create a positive or negative result depending on what you are planning to do with this energy. Although we seek not to harm anyone we do believe the magic can be used in self defense and as a last resort.

We also believe that this life is not the only one in existence, but there are multiple planes on which different beings exist. We believe that death is mealy a beginning and there are consequences to are actions here on earth.

We believe that our life on earth is to learn and grow as an evolved being and once this life is over we have the opportunity to come back and see things or learn things that we missed out on in a previous life.

We believe that the dead and living co-exist and that sometimes they do cross into our realm and that it is possible to speak to them. We also believe that some spirits are made of negative energy and when they cross over they bring with them all the hate and suffering that they fell. These spirits are not to be made welcome and should be removed immediately.

We also believe in the co-rule of a god and goddess and that the elements and us are there children and subject to living by the rules of natural order. Nothing should ever be done by any witch to disrupt the natural order of things no matter how much good they feel they are doing.

We must sometimes accept that life will be difficult for a time and things will happen that will seem the most devastating, but have faith the we can endure. The goddess does hear us and answer us.

The pagan path can be a most difficult one to start on as it requires much sacrifice. For with freedom comes a price. But, for this labor the rewards that you feel in yourself and in your life is worth every bit of pain.

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